Technical Analysis

Support at 0.88603 to 0.8878. Low in EURUSD moved to 0.88649 today. The EURGBP bounced off key support for the 2nd consecutive day.  Looking at the daily chart, the 0.88603 to 0.8878 area is home to a number of swing levels going back to April 2020.  Yesterday, the low price reached 0.88688 and bounced.  Today the low price reached 0.88649 and
Wide ranges continue The bitcoin chart is starting to look better. The big drop to $30,100 from $41,986 highlights a couple things: 1) The bitcoin market likes big round numbers. We’ve seen it before and we’ll see it again 2) There’s panic, but no real panic A 28% drop is no joke in any market
Gold down more than $100 in three days Gold jumped to start the year but it’s crumbled since the Senate election. The market is signaling that higher US rates and better growth will diminish demand for gold. Technically, the 61.8% retracement of the rally since November clocks in at $1839. For bank trade ideas, check